ECSRC Securities Market Certification Workshop Begins

Mr Errol Allen, Deputy Chairman of the Eastern Caribbean Securities Regulatory Commission, (ECSRC), says that corporate leaders are recognising that human capabilities and performance cannot be measured in the same way as accounting for assets, liabilities and equities or physical assets.

In an address at the opening of the 7th Securities Market Certification Workshop on 29 November 2004 the ECSRC Deputy Chairman noted that winning companies were investing in training, research and development and brand building, since the intangible assets were the source of greatest value to modern corporations.

“It is the skill sets, the spirit of individuals and groups, the strategies, methods and processes, ideas and intellectual property… which will separate winning from lagging companies,” he stated.

He urged the participants to make use of the skills acquired at the workshop in an effort to convince corporate leaders of the value added that can be derived from such exposure.

The workshop entitled “Fundamentals of Operating in the Eastern Caribbean Securities Market” is taking take place at the ECCB Headquarters. Mrs Mignon Wade Secretary of the ECSRC welcomed the participants from the ECCB member countries and Jamaica , Trinidad and Tobago and Barbados.