ECSRC Finalising Arrangements for Upcoming Certification Workshop

The Eastern Caribbean Securities Regulatory Commission is preparing to host the fifth in its series of certification workshops for prospective principals and representatives of firms wishing to operate in the Eastern Caribbean Securities Market. The workshop, under the theme The Fundamentals of Operating in the Eastern Caribbean Securities Market, will take place at the ECCB Headquarters in St Kitts, from October 20-24, 2003.

The workshop will expose prospective participants to the principles and features of the Eastern Caribbean Securities Market, and prepare them for the Certification examinations, successful completion of which is a prerequisite for obtaining a licence to operate in the ECSM.

Participants will be lectured on various topics, including Brokerage Operations and Customer Account Management; Public Offerings; The Basics of Equities and Bond Markets; and Portfolio Management and Asset Allocation. They will also review the Securities Act 2001 and the regulations, which govern the operations of the ECSM.

On completion of the workshop and examinations, participants can submit applications for licences to the Eastern Caribbean Securities Regulatory Commission, the authority responsible for licensing, monitoring and supervising all securities trading activities. Details of the workshop are available on the ECSRC website at