ECSRC Joins International Regulatory Council

The Eastern Caribbean Securities Regulatory Commission (ECSRC) was granted full membership of the Council of Securities Regulators of the Americas (COSRA) at its recent spring meeting held in Miami, Florida. Formed in 1992, COSRA is actively involved in the maintenance of the integrity of securities markets through co-ordination of and co-operation in market surveillance, and the enforcement of market laws and regulations.

According to ECSRC Secretary, L. Mignon Wade, the ECSRC as a member of COSRA will now benefit from resource capacity building opportunities and will be positioned to collaborate with other securities regulators, in implementing international standards and receive general assistance with the development of the Eastern Caribbean Securities Market (ECSM).

COSRA is committed to the development of trading systems based on principles of enhanced transparency and the efficient clearance and settlement for all participants in the securities markets. Membership in COSRA is open to securities regulatory authorities of North, South and Central America and the Caribbean.