No Extensions for Submission of Statutory Filings

The Eastern Caribbean Securities Regulatory Commission (Commission) wishes to advise licensees of the following:

The Securities Act 2001[1] and accompanying Regulations do not make provision for extensions for the submission of any or all documents beyond prescribed statutory deadlines by licensees. Consequently, effective 21 October 2014, the Commission will not be considering requests for extensions by licensees for the submission of any or all documents that are due by a statutory deadline.


Please refer to the Securities Act 2001[2] and accompanying Regulations for all statutory deadlines.

[1] The Securities Act Chapter S13 of Anguilla; the Securities Act No. 14 of 2001 of Antigua and Barbuda; the Securities Act No. 21 of 2001 of the Commonwealth of Dominica, the Securities Act No. 23 of 2001 of Grenada; the Securities Act Chapter 11.01 of Montserrat, the Securities Act Chapter 21.16 of St Kitts and Nevis; the Securities Act Chapter 12.18 of Saint Lucia; and the Securities Act Chapter 261 of St Vincent and The Grenadines.

[2] Ibid.