Contact Person
Stephen Thomas

Licensee Name:
Stephen Thomas
Licence Number:
Licensee Address:
17 Wainwright Street
St Clair
Trinidad and Tobago
Mailing Address:
Telephone Number:
868-622-3247 ext 5902

Telephone Number 2:

Mobile Number:

Fax Number:

Email Address:

Email Address 2:

Date on which Licence was granted:
Type of Securities Business Permitted by the Licence:
Individual : Principal
Details of any suspension or revocation of licenses

Mr Stephen Thomas was first issued a Principal Licence on 1 April 2010 and accredited to Citicorp Merchant Bank Limited, Trinidad and Tobago.  Mr Thomas' acrreditation was transfered to First Citizens Investment Services Ltd Trinidad & Tobago, effective 16 May 2017, following a change of employment.  A new Licence was issued to Mr Thomas on 29 May 2017 to reflect his new accrediation.