Reporting Forms

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Reporting Forms

The ECSRC requests that statutory filings and returns are submitted electronically. All submissions should be addressed to the Secretary, Ms Alousia Faisal and emailed to

Companies registered with the ECSRC can file through:

  • The ECSRC online Filing portal ECSIN

Forms applicable to all ECCU territories :
  1. Annual Report (Form ECSRC-K)
  2. Quarterly Financial Feport or Transition Report (Form ECSRC-OR)
  3. Notification of Material Change (Form ECSRC-MC)
  4. Biographical Profile (Directors)
  5. Biographical Profile (Executive Officers and Other Key Personnel)

It is important for persons completing these forms to first read the respective Securities (Accounting & Financial Reports) Rules No 1 of 2015 to ensure that any required documentation is submitted with the form.