Complaint Procedures

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Complaint Procedures

Step 1: Make your complaint to the company

It may be strategic to first make an official complaint to the company concerned, as every company should have internal procedures to deal with complaints. It is advisable to make a note of the person(s) with whom you have discussed the matter.

Step 2: Make a complaint to the Eastern Caribbean Securities Regulatory Commission (ECSRC)

If your complaint is unresolved, request correspondence from the company stating its final position on the matter.

You may write to ECSRC. You may submit a written complaint to the Commission at:

Eastern Caribbean Securities Regulatory Commission
PO Box 1855
St Kitts

Alternatively, you may complete and submit via e-mail or fax the attached complaint form.

Please note that the submission of supporting documents is very important. Please attach a photocopy of all documents, including letters, contracts, bills and other papers related to your problem. We would advise you not to send original documents.

Step 3: The ECSRC will review your written complaint

The ECSRC will acknowledge your claim in writing. The ECSRC will review your claim. Once the review is complete, we will write to you so that you will know the status of your complaint.

If the complaint is an issue within our jurisdiction, we will propose remedies or directives.

If the complaint is an issue not within our jurisdiction, we will refer it to the appropriate authority on your behalf.

*Please be notified that a complaint submitted via this medium does not prohibit you from seeking alternative legal action*

Tips for Making A Complaint

  • Clearly define the complaint.

  • In defining your problems, note that some complaints may be resolved quickly, while complex complaints may take longer.

  • Make a chronological list of the events that may have led to the complaint.

  • Include a list of all the individuals/ companies, accounts and securities etc. involved, the name of the person you dealt with, key dates and the circumstances surrounding the issue.

  • Keep a log of correspondence to and from the company or individual, and with the Commission. The log should include telephone conversations, e-mails and faxes. Keep a log of the times and dates of phone calls, whom you spoke with and what was discussed. Communicate in writing as much as possible and keep copies of all correspondence.

  • Compile a file of any documents that would support your complaint. Include copies of application forms, statements, transaction confirmations, cancelled cheques, agreements, certificates and all relevant correspondence to and from the firm. Do not mail the originals of any documents.

  • Record everything that occurs during the complaint process.